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Guided Ecology Tours

Interested in learning more about Northern Minnesota Forest and Wildlife Ecology? Join Meadow Kouffeld on a hike through a northern Minnesota forest (perhaps your own land?) and learn more about the forest community and the unique forest types, the species within them, and their adaptations to living in Minnesota. From discussing evolutionary adaptations to foraging for wild foods this is a customizable experience for those of all ages and abilities! Meadow Kouffeld is an entertaining natural resources college educator and has a Master's of Science in Wildlife Ecology and Management.
Group size is no more than six (five with the guide). Outings are based on season and forest phenology. Transportation either provided in a 2020 F-150 super cab or by caravan with your 4x4 or AWD vehicle. 
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Three Hour Session Starting at $150.00. Additional travel costs added for distances greater than 15 miles from Grand Rapids, Minnesota.
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