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Meadow Kouffeld

Originally from Northern California, Meadow relocated to Minnesota for graduate school in the mid 2000's. She studied ruffed grouse in North Central Minnesota near the border of Canada. She has a Master's of Science in Wildlife Ecology and Management from the University of Minnesota, a Bachelors of Science in Wildlife Vertebrate Ecology and Conservation Biology from Humboldt State University, and an Associate of Arts General Education from Shasta Community College (proudly started at a community college). She has worked in a wide range of positions as a wildlife biologist and is currently faculty at Itasca Community College teaching in Natural Resources.

Meadow has worked with dogs the greater part of her life. She grew up with stock dogs and hounds and transitioned to versatile gun dogs in 2011. She has trained and handled a wide range of pointing and flushing dogs including handling and testing three Deutsch-drahthaars through the JGHV testing system. She has also trained for NAVHDA and VHDF standards.

Dog Trainer

Guide and Ecologist


Meadow has had a long fascination with taxidermy. Her father helped put himself through technical school by mounting birds in the Netherlands and the stories as well as mounts that she grew up with were an inspiration. One weekend while attending Humboldt State in 2004 she sat down with several taxidermy manuals and a drake surf scoter. That first mount was the beginning of Meadow's avian taxidermy career and the bird is still in the family. From there Meadow worked intermittently on avian taxidermy and picked it up again in earnest when she started working at Itasca Community College while developing the institutions vertebrate teaching collection. Meadow became a licensed taxidermist and began accepting client birds. 

As an educator and outdoors woman Meadow is an ideal guide in the field for those of all levels of experience. She has spent much of her life in the woods, mountains, wetlands, and waters of the Western and Upper Midwestern United States. Whether you are interested in knowing more about your private forest, hunting, foraging, or educating yourself or family, Meadow is an excellent option for your next educational adventure. Regardless of the activity you are sure to learn something. See the forest through and ecologist's eyes!

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